Dare to Dream Different Contest Update

The Dare to Dream Different contest http://dreamdifferentcontest.com/ is nearing the completion of the judging for the second round.  The final selection will be made soon and the third round contestants brought to Redmond.  I have looked at some of the videos and I have to say that I am extremely impressed by the quality of the work that was done for the contest.  The judging will be very close.  I can't wait to share out the videos so that everyone can see the creative thinking that went into the projects.

Comments (6)

  1. Jean-Michel says:


    Where can we see the videos?

  2. Jan Kučera says:


    all participants are welcomed to register at


    Peter has collected links he found himself at youtube, you can check this list here:



  3. Aby Mammen Mathew says:


    Please find mine at,


    walking stick built on beacon framework. It is just the beginning but just demonstrated that it could be used using the .NET micro.


  4. Elze Kool says:

    I can’t wait to see the results.. Offcourse to see if I’m one of the finalists but also to see the idea’s that people had. There are a number of video’s available on the Internet now and it’s fun to see them!

  5. Colin Miller says:

    We will be publishing all the videos at teh web site and on YouTube as well in case someone did not get theirs out there.  

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