.NET Micro Framework evolution

Following the move of the .NET Micro Framework team to the Developer Division of Microsoft we are planning on involving the community in the future definition and development of the product by allowing access to the source code of the runtime and object model, as well as the drivers.  We are currently in the process of framing the rules of engagement and we hope to be able to offer both a process for a regulated development effort and a broad license, so that it will be possible to take advantage of the code base without necessarily contributing to the community.  The details and the rules of this engagement will be defined over the near term with your involvement as well. 

The evolution of the core code will be managed to insure small size, good performance, quality and consistency.  The .NET Micro Framework team will provide the initial guidance and the necessary tools to facilitate the contribution of code at all levels of the stack.  With the community participation, we are looking at creating an arbitration process to drive the evolution of the product and the development activity.  Stay tuned for the official announcement and please provide us with your thoughts through the usual channels.


Lorenzo Tessiore

Developer Manager

Comments (13)

  1. Nuno says:

    There are many forms of open source, i hope Microsoft chooses the correct one…

  2. Tom says:

    My #1 wish for the MF is that it becomes real-time.  I could see a lot of applications for it if it were real-time.

  3. 叶帆 says:

    .Net Micro Framework将开源,这对长期工作在Windows平台的嵌入式开发爱好者应该是个好消息,不仅license免费,而且所有的代码将开源。 .Net Micro Framework和其它嵌入式系统最大的优势就是应用程序开发调试简单,想想看对一个提供嵌入式产品的公司来说,一旦前期的平台定制完成,余下的应用程序的开发将是非常容易的事,想想看,对水平不高不低的嵌入式开发人员真是一个冲击,因为一个C#程序员就可以开发嵌入式应用了。 总之开源是个好事情,是微软的英明之举,目前该工作正在有条不紊的进行之中…

  4. Mirco Vanini says:

    Dopo aver letto alcuni articoli che paventavano la dismissione del .NET MF o quanto meno il suo disinpegno

  5. In diesen Zeiten wirtschaftlicher Unsicherheit bleiben auch bei Microsoft keine Optionen unberücksichtigt,

  6. Jan Kučera says:

    Is Microsoft still going to contribute to the framework? Like releasing 4.0 version, supporting Visual Studio 2010 and so on, or has it really abandoned the project completely?

  7. Freesc Huang says:


  8. Anthony Tarlano says:

    Just release a second development branch on codeplex as MS-PL with some oversight on who gets svn access, while keeping a stable branch internal to devdiv.

  9. In diesen Zeiten wirtschaftlicher Unsicherheit bleiben auch bei Microsoft keine Optionen unberücksichtigt

  10. That sounds like a great chance to use .NET inside many products.

    As a standalone framework (as in current implementations) or as a component "embedded" inside your own applications or OS.

    Having the source code makes porting to other platforms possible (maybe even a porting to Windows CE using ms compiler) and interesting.

    This would allow developers to write components or extensions to applications using the .NET tools and the "hosts" to run those components in a safe and "sandboxed" environment, something you currently can’t do with Compact or full framework (not in an easy way, at least).

  11. Petit à petit, le .NET MicroFramework va devenir Open Source. C’est ce qu’annonçait Colin Miller, la

  12. Franklin Garzon says:

    Also my first wish is: MF works in real-time, this can open several doors for incoming projects, and apply MF for millon of apps.

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