.NET MF moves to Developer Division

I need to correct a recent announcement of the demise of the Micro Framework.  There are changes taking place on the team but they are all for the good.

                First, the product is moving into the Developer Division (Server and Tools).  This is a great fit for the technology and we are really looking forward to it.  The move means that we will be fully aligned with the rest of the .NET groups and tools in building the uniform programming model from the sensors to servers.

                The announcement that we are moving to some form of community direction and development including code access is accurate.  We will investigate how to do that in the near term so stay tuned.  For now however, the current products are available and continue to be supported as before.

I am really excited about the potential of really accelerating the changes in the industry that we see coming.  I hope that you are as excited as I am.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Colin Miller


Product Unit Manager

Comments (11)

  1. Thanks Colin for the official statement on the .NET MF future. Many developers started developing .NET MF in the last months, and happy to see everything is fine.

  2. Mirco Vanini says:

    Dopo aver letto alcuni articoli che paventavano la dismissione del .NET MF o quanto meno il suo disinpegno

  3. In diesen Zeiten wirtschaftlicher Unsicherheit bleiben auch bei Microsoft keine Optionen unberücksichtigt,

  4. In diesen Zeiten wirtschaftlicher Unsicherheit bleiben auch bei Microsoft keine Optionen unberücksichtigt

  5. J says:

    Hmm. I understand the changes, and I understand they’re necessary, and I know that laying off staff is a necessary part of this. But PLEASE don’t say this is "exciting". People just lost their jobs, dude. Have a heart.

  6. John Q Public says:

    to J:

    The transition to DevDiv and community access to the source *IS* exciting. Speaking as one who lost his jab as a result of this I can assure you that Colin is well aware of the impact this change has on our lives and neither he nor anyone else is excited by that aspect of things.

  7. VG says:

    Well, I still would like to see some kind of roadmap, a bigger picture if you will.

  8. Colin Miller says:

    To VG

       I understand the need to describe a clear roadmap.  This change is occuring very quickly and we are getting some great feedback from our customers on what the program needs to be.  For example, it is clear that there is demand for a supported version of the product.   I will give you more details as we know them and in the mean time, I encourage you to think about and share with us what you need to make this work best for you.  

  9. Zmiany w projekcie Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

  10. Petit à petit, le .NET MicroFramework va devenir Open Source. C’est ce qu’annonçait Colin Miller, la

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