What is your Biggest Challenge in 2009?

A recently published Forrestor report identifies efficiency and cost reduction as the two key strategies that companies are leveraging to weather the current economic storm. Projects are being scrutinized for ROI and frequently, a smaller staff is forced to make hard decisions about where to put resources.

In this changed economic climate, companies are increasingly looking at solutions like .NET Micro Framework to reduce their development costs, improve operational efficiencies, and achieve greater product differentiation through innovation.

This increased interest in the .NET Micro Framework is evidenced by the substantial increase in website visits, SDK downloads, and business inquiries we have seen in the past couple of months.

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Comments (2)

  1. mike says:

    The biggest challenge to the United States is this cancer called outsourcing.   It has all but destroyed the U.S. economy.  

    People in other nations are getting more and more of the U.S. citizen's jobs and those people are not paying taxes back to the U.S. local, state and federal governments.   The lack of tax revenues from the loss of these jobs, coupled with the fact that those who are unemployed (and UNDER employed) simply do not contribute to the local, state and national economies by purchasing items as they used to.   Its a one-two punch that has drawn the U.S. deeper into this recession and there is no chance for recovery until outsourcing is effectively eliminated.  

    Unless we bring back U.S. jobs and manufacturing so that we make things in the United State and we employ people in the United States again, we're going to destroy ourselves from the inside-out.  Forget about terrorism or  wide-scale pandemics, we have outsourcing that will ruin us.

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