Get a Sneak Peek at .NET Micro Framework 3.0 at Tech-Ed Developers 2008

We'll be in Orlando June 2nd to June 6th at Tech-Ed Developers 2008, showing the latest products built on .NET Micro Framework.  Our team will be hosting four technical breakout sessions during the conference, and the first 200 attendees of our .NET Micro Framework sessions will receive a free copy of Jens Kühner's new book, "Expert .NET Micro Framework", fresh from the printer.  There will be hardware in the lab for attendees to get hands-on .NET MF experience developing, debugging, and deploying to devices with Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual C#.  And Tech-Ed Developer attendees will be the first to hear what we have planned for .NET Micro Framework 3.0; it's an early morning presentation, but what you'll see and hear will definitely wake you up!

 Here's the list of places you'll find our team at Tech-Ed:

  • Introduction to .NET Micro Framework, Monday June 2, preconference session

  • Become a .NET Micro Framework Developer in 60 Minutes, presented by Rob Miles, Tuesday June 3, 10:30am

  • Microsoft .NET Micro Framework in Action, presented by Jonathan Kagle, Microsoft, and Tony Pitman, Edge Products, Thursday June 5, 8:30am

  • Microsoft .NET Micro Framework version 3.0 Preview, presented by Jonathan Kagle, Microsoft, Friday June 6, 8:30am

  • Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) on Microsoft .NET Micro Framework, presented by Jim Mateer and John Leier, Microsoft, Friday June 6, 4:30pm

  • Hands-On-Lab EMB11, Programming Small Embedded Devices with C#: Hands-on with the .NET Micro Framework, Monday through Friday whenever the HOL lab is open.

  • Technical Learning Center booth, Tuesday through Friday during exhibit hours.

If you'll be at Tech-Ed, we'd love to meet you and hear about the cool things you're doing with embedded development and .NET.  If you would like to schedule a private meeting with the team, look for us on Tech-Ed Connect or send us feedback through the blog.

Comments (3)

  1. lonifasiko says:

    A pity I cannot attend this Tech-Ed in USA. Anyway, hope to see you in autumm, during Tech-Ed Europe.


  2. Kiel says:

    I wish if it’s possible that the recording will be posted in the microframework blog.

    I hope see you in teched europe too.


  3. Jens Kühner says:

    There are several .NET Micro Framework sessions at the Tech-Ed Developers Converence 2008. The first

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