IIC China Shenzhen and IIC China Shanghai

"Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework.NET的可靠性能和卓越效率與Microsoft® Visual Studio的高生力合而為一,方便用户为規模較小、價格較廉、資源有限的設備來編製程式。"


The .NET Micro Framework team joined the embedded/IC conferences in China for the first time!  We had the pleasure of appearing at the IIC China Shenzhen(Mar3-4) and the IIC China Shanghai( Mar 10-11). Most of the people in the Chinese technical community haven't heard about us. However, they showed great interest in our product, gave good comments, and see lots of potential in adopting our platform. People are excited about the ideas of using .NET to write embedded application instead of developing in C++.


Shenzhen pictures:


Shanghai pictures:



Comments (3)

  1. "Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework 把 .NET 的可靠性能和卓越效率與 Microsoft® Visual Studio 的高生 產 力合而為一,方便用 户为

  2. 唐登安 says:

    我想在我自己的设备上运行.net microframework 怎么才能获取到 PortingKit ?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi 唐登安,

    这个文件提供更多 porting kit 资讯。


    然后如果你对做porting kit开发感兴趣,可以

    电邮 netmfbiz@microsoft.com .


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