You got your Ethernet in my .NET MF! No, you got your .NET MF in my Ethernet!

The .NET MF team has been very busy over the holiday season working on getting beta updates out to our porting partners for our next release.  For those that subscribe to the newsletter, you may have already heard the news that the Micro Framework will have a network stack in the 2.5 release.  For those that haven’t subscribed yet, here is a picture of a iMXS dev board with 2.5 firmware running the stack.  The Ethernet hardware is a Microchip ENC28J60 connected via the SPI bus.



In other news, Pavel Bánský, an active .NET MF contributor on the newsgroup and his blog, was in Redmond right before the holidays. While he was here, he stopped by to meet the team and go out for lunch. We had a great conversation with Pavel on his experiences with the MF and got some very valuable feedback. If you are working with the .NET Micro Framework and would like to meet the team when you next visit the Seattle area, feel free to send e-mail to We’ll even buy you lunch in exchange for your feedback!

Comments (4)

  1. The .NET MF team has been very busy over the holiday season working on getting beta updates out to our

  2. Steven J. Ackerman says:

    Any idea when the .NET MF will be available for the ADI Blackfin ?  We’re currently shipping a product using that part:

  3. Colin Miller says:

    Steven –  Nothing new to report yet.  I did forward your information on to ADI, since you are a current customer of their products.

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