Test-signing the Micro Framework USB driver for installation on Vista 64-bit systems

The 64-bit version of Windows Vista requires all kernel mode drivers or services to pass a validation.  In this follow-up of building USB driver in the Micro Framework, I’ll briefly outline the necessary steps to sign a driver that meets the requirement. These steps are intended for users working in a development environment.  If you…


Building the USB driver under the Micro Framework Version 3 Porting Kit

The version 3 Micro Framework Porting Kit includes a working USB sample driver for partners to support their USB-based development boards. In this first part of a two-part posting, we will step through the process of building a USB driver. We’ll follow-up in a later note with a short recipe explaining how to sign the…


Version 3.0 generating excitement and interest among the developer community

We officially launched Version 3.0 at ESC two weeks back. The launch has generated significant interest and excitement among both the embedded development community, as well as .NET developers and hobbyists. Here’s what Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group had to say about the new version: “In today’s world, we are…


Canucks at PDC – .NET Micro Framework

Joey deVilla posted a video with .Net MF Program Manager Jim Mateer at PDC where they talk all about .Net MF and donuts. http://blogs.msdn.com/cdndevs/archive/2008/11/01/canucks-at-pdc-net-micro-framework.aspx  


Our Channel 9 video gets 10,000+ views in two days

Catherine Heller from our sister team posted an interview with a couple of folks from our team on Channel 9. And guess what? We have had 10,000+ views in 2 days! Besides turning Jonathan Kagle and Lorenzo Tessiore into instant celebrities, I think this kind of warm reception could also be a barometer of the strong interest building around Version 3.0….

Team Zero creates version 1.0 of their mobius donuts

We just got done making version 1.0 of our mobius donuts using our brand, spanking new donut machine. Check out the results and our experiences in a short video posted on our facebook forum

Microsoft Dare to Dream Different Challenge!

Do you dream of a world where thermostats use weather forecasts to save energy and refrigerators reorder groceries? Would you like to bring your dream devices to life with the power of the .NET Micro Framework’s tools?Enter the challenge for an opportunity to win a share of the over $101,000 in prizes! http://dreamdifferentcontest.com  

v3.0 SDK beta now available!

The .NET Micro Framework v3.0 SDK beta is now available to all developers through the Microsoft Connect website (http://connect.microsoft.com/netmf).  Simply fill out a short survey and you have full access to the downloads, newsgroup, and feedback. Check the site for details about the RicaVision VAVE100 universal remote control (running SideShow and .NET Micro Framework) that we’re…


SD Times talks about .NET Micro Framework 3.0

SD Times has published an interesting article about .NET Micro Framework and the upcoming 3.0 release.  Read it online here: http://www.sdtimes.com/content/article.aspx?ArticleID=32341 And make sure you are signed up for the .NET Micro Framework newsletter.  The newsletter is where we’ll announce the details of the beta very soon.  Sign up here.


Opening the .NET MF 3.0 kimono

Psst, hey buddy, if you promise to keep this to yourself, I’ll tell you what we’re working on for .NET Micro Framework v3. We think you’re gonna really like it. Jonathan Kagle just finished his presentation this morning at Tech-Ed in Orlando where he provided a preview of what will be in the next version of .NET…