Meet the .Net Micro Framework team

Michaeline Stiles, our Marketing Manager and promoter of this blog pointed out that we had no team photo posted.  So after our team meeting today we gathered against the back wall and took a team picture.  For some reason Michaeline was absent, but we will make sure to include her next time!

Back row standing from left to right - Denise Mak, Jeff Lin, Greg Chattin-McNichols, David Conger, Jim Mateer, Alden Linn, Jerry Kindall, Colin Miller, Jonathan Kagle, Melody Yu, Jeff Simon, Michael Rockhold, Warren Dent, James Webster

Front row seated from left to right - Zach Libby, Lorenzo Tessiore, Laura Keller, Roger Wolff, Vijay Krishna

Not Pictured - Jennifer Cheng, Frederic Mokren, Michaeline Stiles

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