The .Net Micro Framework team blog is now open for business!

Welcome to the .NET Micro Framework team blog, where we’ll be posting about our experiences, ideas, and activities. Our intent is to provide the latest information about the .NET Micro Framework, to get your unfiltered feedback, to support the development of the community, and to just plain have fun.

We spend most of our time working to make the .NET Micro Framework better (Exhibit A is .NET Micro Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1), and finding time to blog on a regular basis on top of that can be hard. So a number of developers, testers, and product managers from the .NET Micro Framework team will be posting here to make sure you get the latest information from a variety of perspectives. Occasionally MVPs and Microsoft employees in other groups will join in as well. You should generally expect a new post about once a week.

By the way, this blog is usually not the best place to get immediate help with a problem you’re having. Support for specific .NET Micro Framework issues is best obtained through Microsoft product support services, our newsgroup, or your board vendor. For business development, licensing, or marketing inquiries, please contact Other .NET Micro Framework resources are available through our MSDN site.

We have a few things in the pipeline to be posted here soon, but we thought we’d start off by asking if there’s any information you, dear reader, would like to see. What say you?

Comments (5)

  1. Great to see you guys bloggin’! But you might want to change the title of the site in the blog system (It’s currently an HTML img tag that makes it tough to know what it is! 8^) )

  2. Il nuovo blog del Micro Framework .NET

  3. Colin Miller says:

    Thanks for pointing out the Title issue Steve.  It should be fixed now!

  4. Mehdi Osman says:

    Thank you for the blog, that’s the best time for it. Good luck !

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