Some known issues

Check out some of the known issues in MIX drop posted here.

Transparency in CF

Check out the blog posts by Yash here, on transparency in CF.

MIX helpful links

Here are a bunch of early links to get you folks started: – Where can I find bits to play around with the WP7 tools? – How does this all tie in together? Check out Abhinaba’s post.

We are a”LIVE” at MIX 2010!

Today at MIX we announce the application development platform for Windows Phone 7 series, a completely managed development model, built on top of Silverlight, XNA and .NET Compact Framework. This brings forth a lot of work done by the CF team to the limelight. It’s been a very interesting and challenging journey, and we wish…

NETCFSvcUtil.exe fix

Check out Manish’s blog on NetcfSvcUtil.exe crashing on some operating systems and the uploaded fix for it here.

Back to basics GC series

Check out the Back to basics GC series published a while ago by Abhinaba!!

WCF for mobile whitepaper

Check out Mahathi’s blog about a WCF for mobile whitepaper published recently by one of the MVPs.

HTTPS related hotfix

Manish has posted regarding a hotfix for the HTTPS related issue discussed in a previous post. The hotfix was recently given out to WM based devices on NETCF 3.5. Check out his post!

Back to the NETCF blog

We would like to revive the NETCF team blog and post here instead of the mobile developer blog as we noted earlier. Welcome back to the team blog. – NETCF team.