Error #4 when installing .NET Compact Framework version 2?

We have had a number of reports regarding error #4 when installing version 2 of the .NET Compact Framework on some devices.  To address this issue, we have updated the current install package.  Please see Mark Prentice's post describing the update.

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[Author: David Kline]

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  1. Dirkmswt says:

    Hello .net Team,

    How can i Install the .netcf 2.0 on my Device with Windows 2003 Version 4.20.0(Build 14053)?

    My next Question is how i can Open a Window on Vb.net2005 and the Cf1.0SP3

    In the Framework 2.0 is Show or ShowDialog Implemented but why not in Cf1.00?

    Greets Dirk

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