The .NET Compact Framework’s Greatest Hits

We on the .NET Compact Framework team have gotten together, compared notes and have compiled a list of our top weblog posts to date (through November 2005).  We thought it would be fun and informational to have the equivalent of a FAQ for our technical posts.

1 An Overview of the .Net Compact Framework Garbage Collector
2 .Net Compact Framework Advanced Memory Management
3 From the Dept of Information Retrieval on .NET Compact Framework Network Performance
4 Using POOM with the .Net Compact Framework Whidbey Beta 1
5 .Net Compact Framework version 2.0 Performance and Working Set FAQ
6 .Net Compact Framework: Versioning, Strong Names and the Global Assembly Cache -- Part 1
7 System.Xml in NETCF v2.0
8 System.Xml in CF v2.0 (Cont'd) (1)
9 What is a First Chance Exception
10 System.Xml in CF v2.0 (Cont'd) (2)
11 Debugging .Net Compact Framework applications using the .NET SDK command line debugger (cordbg.exe) - Part I
12 Generics in the .NET Compact Framework
13 The perils of GC.Collect (or when to use GC.Collect)


[Author: David Kline]

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