.NET Compact Framework releases 1.0 SP3

The .NET Compact Framework team has completed and released v1 SP3.  This servicing release responds to customer bug reports and feedback.  Our team worked hard to fix issues which either caused data loss or were not easily worked around by a developer, see the list below.


SP3 has been delivered to multiple release vehicles to service several sets of customers.

  • End users will find a Web download which provides NETCF for use in RAM.
  • Those building WinCE device images using Platform Builder 4.2 and 5.0 will find QFE’s which update the NETCF catalog to SP3. 
  • SP3 has also been included in the latest update for Windows Mobile Second Edition. 

SP3 Ship Vehicles:

SP3 Bug Fixes:

- Transitions between managed and native code can cause memory leaks on ARM platforms.
- A NullReferenceException is thrown when a Web Method returns an empty array using the xsi:Nil attribute.
- Modifying the SoapClientMessage.ContentType property does not modify the Http requests ContentType header.
- Stack corruption can occur on SH, MIPS and x86 platforms when local variables are created but never used.
- Invoking a multicase delegate from a catch handler throws a MissingMethodException on SH, MIPS and x86 platforms.
- Command line arguments containing double byte characters are truncated to a single byte.
- An ObjectDisposedException is thrown when a asynchronous web request is aborted before the response is received.
- Invoke on a disposed control hangs the application.
- Any array containing one or more elements is not sent to the Web Service correctly.
- An application may hang when invoking a Web Method that uses multiple XmlElementAttributes on a single argument, member or property.
- Memory corruption can occur on devices that have the native security model enabled and both .NET CF V1 SP3 and a pre-release version of .NET CF V2 installed.
- Deadlocks can occur when running under severe resource constraints.
- Tool Bar's on Windows Mobile 2003 SE no longer lose their images when removed from the form.
- An uncatchable ObjectDisposedException is thrown when the server closes the socket connection.
- Setting the Minimum and Maximum properties of a progressbar no longer crashes the application.
- Unexpected exception while adding an image to an imagelist on an Hx4700 and hx4705.
- Data Misalignment occurs on Decimal fields in MIPSIV devices.

- Data is missing or loaded incorrectly by DataSet.ReadXml()


.NETCF Product Team


[Author: Mark Prentice]

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Comments (2)

  1. The .NETCF Product Team reports that .NET Compact Framework releases 1.0 SP3. The posting lists the bugs fixed in this service pack.

  2. We have made a little utility to check the .NET CF version on the device. I hope more end-users will know what version they are using and promote the use of latest .NET CF on their device (since many OEMs did not update the ROM with latest .NET CF SP)

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