New Gadgeteer Book – Learn to program with Visual Basic & .NET Gadgeteer

.NET Gadgeteer can be used to develop core programming skills that are needed when studying Computer Science at school. It also is an ideal platform for working on creative and collaborative projects.

For learning to program with .NET Gadgeteer we have developed our own book, which utilises the Fez Cerberus Tinker Kit made by GHI Electronics.

This book has lots of exercises to develop programming skills as well as the excitement of making real things with Gadgeteer!  Included are instructions for 10 projects including a burglar alarm, traffic lights, stop watch, binary counter, reaction game and morse code generator. The materials have been written for students from 14-19 learning to program in Visual Basic from scratch, but could be used with a younger age group with teacher support.

Download Learning to Program in Visual Basic and.NET Gadgeteer

Go to Answers to the exercises

You can download this book for free using the links above. We have some printed copies available please use the 'Book Request' form here (login required) to request a copy, no guarantee! (Please include Name & Shipping address)

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