Building a .NET Gadgeteer Module

Ever wondered how the pro’s physically manage to make a module? Well ok, you can get a fancy pick and place machine or send off for someone to assemble your module, but you can do it by hand. It is not as hard as expected.

As part of a .NET Gadgeteer hands on event at the Modern Jago in Shoreditch we were delighted to have Justin Wilson from Ingenuity Micro attend and show us how things are done ( He has designed and built an nice collection of .NET Gadgeteer modules and mainboards and expects to have them available shortly.

Justin has designed a multicolour LED module for .NET Gadgeteer, it is a 3 colour LED on a PCB with 2 Gadgeteer sockets. The module is nice as it is low cost simple and clean, and you can chain them together without the need for a co-processor on each module.

So the article title may be misleading, I really just got to assemble a module that Justin designed, rather than designing a new one. However after the assembly I felt I really had built something. (It was also amazingly good fun)


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