Design is fine: Workshop at UDK Berlin.

The University of Stuttgart Gadgeteer workshop heads to Berlin.

“Last week our Gadgeteer tour lead us to Berlin, where Prof. Gesche Jost heads the Design Research Lab at UDK Berlin. 6 designers and creatives came together for the 2-day workshop next to the waterside of the Spree. Interestingly, for the first time we had people with a major background in Design and Arts. Nevertheless, they mastered technical hurdles quickly and produced two impressive projects:

The Bus Ticker:

Bus ticker: Shows the next buses.

Bus ticker: Shows the next buses.

An analog display shows the arrival time of the next two buses for the nearby bus stop. Therefore, a server script was written that scraped the website of the Berlin traffic union (BVV) and returned the buses’ arrival times in a Gadgeteer-friendly format. A WIFI module connects to the server and sends the data to an OLED display. Two servos control the analog display telling users when it’s time to pack up, put on their shoes and run for the bus. Or when it’s simply too late.”

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