Sound, tele-presence and robo tinkering: Workshop at ETH Zurich

The next stop on The University of Stuttgarts Gadgeteer workshop tour;

“Third stop: ETH Zurich. We started off early in the morning and welcomed 11 participants to our first workshop ‘abroad’. When we broke out into groups, among them two 2-people teams were formed who decided to collaborate by splitting up their project into two bigger modules: One input, one output device. The result was the

Remote controlled camera for tele-presence:

Telepresence - Remote Control

Telepresence – Remote Control

The idea was to hold a device in hand on which a screen was mounted showing the remote conversation partner. By turning the device the compass sent off measurements to a webserver via the wifi-module which in turn controlled the pointing direction of the remote camera. This camera was using servos to be positioned and received input from the web-server via another wifi-module. Great idea, packaging and our first project including network functionality.”


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