Rapid Prototyping with .NET Gadgeteer: Workshop at TU Darmstadt

The University of Stuttgart, has written up their first external .NET Gadgeteer workshop…

Oscilloscope: Bringing out the big guns..



“The tour has begun. We started off by conducting our first external workshop at TU Darmstadt with the Embedded System Group of Kristof Van Laerhoven. 10 participants  joined in and hacked away on our .NET Gadgeteer kits. The workshop lasted for 2 days, so we had enough time to introduce the Gadgeteer platform, walk participants through example projects and reserve an entire day for allowing them to hack on projects of their choice.”

Read the full article: http://blog.hcilab.org/gadgeteer/2013/01/rapid-prototyping-with-net-gadgeteer-workshop-at-tu-darmstadt/

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