Pong, Carts and Smart Plants: Workshop at DFKI Saarbrücken

The University of Stuttgarts Gadgeteer workshop tour continues……

“This week we stopped by the DFKI at Saarland University, specifically we visited Antonio Krüger’s group: The Innovative Retail Lab. With 14 participants our biggest group so far and after Darmstadt our second 2-day workshop. Hence, people had more time to work on their own projects with Gadgeteer. And this is what they came up with:


Using the IR distance sensor and a joystick, this ancient game was put into a physical shape including multiplayer capabilities. With a slight deviation: The ball was controlled by player one using the joystick while player two had to defend using the distance sensor which controlled the paddle. Graphical UI on the T35 touch display:

Pong - using IR distance sensor and a joystick


Read the full article: http://blog.hcilab.org/gadgeteer/2013/01/pong-carts-and-smart-plants-workshop-at-dfki-saarbrucken/

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