Even more 3D models for .NET Gadgeteer

Those of you who like to build, print, cut or laser cases for your .NET Gadgeteer creations will be glad to hear that Microsoft Research has released even more 3D models.


These models are saved as STEP files and are available from Codeplex under the source tree “Main\3D Models\MSR Contributed”. It includes the Mountaineer and Love Electronics mainboards as well as a large collection of modules.

You can use the STEP files by importing them into a suitable CAD package and then generate casings and mountings, knowing that it will fit your modules once finished.

We are always keen to hear how you are using these models or if you have created your own please let us know!

Love Electronics_Argon_R1_1.3

Codeplex changeset details : http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/22997

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