Tweet Printer (By Rob Miles)

Every minute the printer downloads the twitter feed for a given user. If the most recent tweet has changed, it prints the new tweet. (By Rob Miles)

“I really like the idea of being able to build simple internet appliances. The Gadgeteer platform makes it easy to do this. And, with the Thermal Printer from Sparkfun, you can make the appliance able to print things on paper. To explore how easy it is to do all this, and also to investigate the creation of cases for Gadgeteer devices, I decided to make a “Tweet Printer”.
The device is quite simple. It simply prints a paper copy of every new tweet that is made by a particular Twitter user. It does this by using a Gadgeteer processor, WIFI card and the printer. It can be used as the basis of any device that you want to connect to the internet and download information at regular intervals. You could make it print out a shopping list, or weather forecast, if you can find an appropriate background service. “


.NET Gadgeteer showcase:

Rob Miles:

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  1. DannyQ says:

    I can imagine somebody using one of these to create some form of steampunk stock market ticker.

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