Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer Book


Many people have been asking where to start with .NET Gadgeteer and so we thought this a great opportunity to remind people about the ‘Getting started with .NET Gadgeteer’ book by Simon Monk which was released a few months ago and is available as a includes free solutions for download.


This book explains .NET Gadgeteer to the novice and to using only the parts available in the Fez Spider Starter Kit. This is the most common starter kit if components for the Gadgeteer.

Everything is explained in a step-by-step manner and while the reader is assumed to have some knowledge of software, the projects are simple enough for the novice programmer to see what is going on and adapt and learn from the projects covered in the book.

The .NET Gadgeteer is a plug-together system and so, in this first book, there will be no soldering or use of electronics that are not part of the standard kit. All the components in the starter kit will be used in the various projects, which as well as being interesting projects in their own right, will also serve to illustrate how to use the modules they are built from.

for more information have a look at the book website:

Comments (3)

  1. Chord says:

    It doesnt appear to be free

  2. Sorry about that, the per chapter solutions are free… mistake , Steven

  3. Simon Monk says:

    Well, everyone has to make a living somehow – writings how I make mine 😉

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