3 AM Code Blog demonstrates Object Tracking using IR Compound Eye

Rik Leigh has a new blog titled 3 AM Code that implements several interesting scenarios. In a post titled .Net
Gadgeteer object tracking using an IR compound eye
he explains how to hook up the Dagu ir compound eye and pan and tilt kit to a gadgeteer mainboard in order to track moving objects. This device is the core of a robot designed to track moving objects.

The parts used include the IR Compound Eye and a pan and tilt mechanism.



The device uses four analog inputs to read the sensors and 1 digital output to control the IR LEDs.  One extender module adds an analog input and another extender connects two PWM pins that control the servos.

For the code and implementation of the object tracking device see http://3amcode.blogspot.com/2012/05/net-gadgeteer-object-tracking-using-ir.html

Other interesting posts at http://3amcode.blogspot.com/


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