Love Electronics Announces Argon R1 Mainboard for .NET Gadgeteer

Love Electronics has announced a new Gadgeteer mainboard – the Argon R1, which is available for preorder for £59.99.  The Argon R1 has some pretty impressive technical specs, including a huge amount of memory – 32MB DRAM and 128MB Flash.  That may seem small compared to your laptop or desktop computer, but it’s a huge amount for an embedded device and will enable the Argon R1 to store lots of photos, images and audio files.

The Argon R1 supports a wide variety of Gadgeteer sockets, including the basics – GPIOs, serial, PWM, SPI and analog I/O – and some advanced features, too – LCD + touch, SD Card and CAN.  Also, the Argon R1 brings a new interface to the Gadgeteer world – I2S, which is used for high quality audio connections.

Welcome to the Gadgeteer family, Love Electronics!  We’re excited to see what else you have in store.

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