Twelve New Modules From GHI

GHI announced 12 new modules today which open up a lot of new projects for .NET Gadgeteers.

VideoOut:  VGA and RCA video output

OBD II:  Interface with car computers

HD44780 Display:  16x2 and 20x4 character displays

MaxO:  chainable output extender for “S” type sockets.  1 module extends a single socket to expose 32 GPIOs.

IO60P16:  Another I/O extender.  This one turns one “X” type socket into 60 GPIOs with interrupt capability.  16 of them can be controlled using PWM (handy for servo motors and 80’s style video game music)

RED LED Matrix:  8x8 array of red LEDs which can be individually controlled.  DaisyLinkable, so you can chain several of these together.

Load Module:  Seven switches designed to control high current loads, up to 3A and 30V.  Can be used to turn on/off relays, motors, etc.

IR Receiver with remote:  Detects infrared signals coming from a remote control (remote included, and will work with many TV remotes too)

MicroSD Card:  A much smaller version of the SD Card module designed for MicroSD cards

Passive Infrared Motion Detector:  Detects motion over a wide field of view

RFID Reader:  Read RFID tags

RS232 Module:  Converts any “U” or “K” socket to an RS232 serial port

Here’s a nice group shot of a few of them:


Some are available immediately at  A few will ship late April or mid-May.

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