Beta Driver for GHI Electronics Bluetooth Module

Eduardo Velloso has implemented a beta driver for the Bluetooth module.  The driver makes the Bluetooth module discoverable from Windows Devices & Printers and other Bluetooth devices.  The source code can be found at .  The solution includes the driver implementation code and a test project using .NET Gadgeteer.  For more information, see Eduardo Velloso.

Eduardo has also created a test scenario that demonstrates communication between two Bluetooth devices built on .NET Gadgeteer.  For details, see .

Comments (2)

  1. Gus Issa says:

    We are glad to see more and more contributions from the community. By the way, this module is a GHI module…/312

  2. Mike Dodaro says:

    Thanks for the correction, Gus.  While I was testing this module, it kept telling me its name was seeedstudio.

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