Internet of Things Day at SICS

We were lucky enough to be invited to present .NET Gadgeteer at the Internet of Things (IoT) day in Stockholm held at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) earlier this month. The event was focused around networking the ‘things’ that surround us; basically making everything internet addressable. (How exciting!)


IoT involves interface/interaction design, networking, big data management and of course embedded systems. Since .NET Gadgeteer is a great platform for rapidly designing and building prototypes, we believe it is ideal for developing many of the next IoT concepts. Along with a presentation (slides) we took along a large box of modules for people to have a play with and ran a quick demo showing the Visual Studio designer in action.

Thank you for the overwhelming response, and flurry of questions, and sorry to those that did not have time to ask questions. For those interested in more module information (the most common question) check the product showcase to see the hardware made by all manufacturers. (.NET Gadgeteer is an open-source toolkit, many manufacturers are participating) Also remember that .NET Gadgeteer is designed to be truly extensible, have a look at the .NET Gadgeteer Module Builder's Guide version.


Internet of Things Day at SICS (

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