How to Build a Flipbook Maker: Part 2

In Part 1, we assembled the hardware and created the event handlers for the Flipbook Maker.  Now let’s flesh out the software foundation and create a state machine to manage the Flipbook Maker’s behavior. Storing Images  First, the Flipbook Maker needs a place to store the images captured by the camera. The .NET Micro Framework’s


Looking for API reference docs for the core Gadgeteer libraries?

Look no further.  The Gadgeteer core library documentation is posted on the Gadgeteer community site at  This covers the namespaces: Gadgeteer – including the Color, Mainboard, Picture, Program, Socket, StorageDevice and Timer classes. Gadgeteer.Interfaces – including AnalogInput, AnalogOutput, DigitalInput, DigitalIO, DigitalOutput, I2CBus, InterruptInput, PWMOutput, Serial and SPI classes. Gadgeteer.Modules – including Module, DaisyLinkModule, DisplayModule,…


Why not while(true)?

Many programs have a basic structure of: while (true) { // Program goes here } This approach is logical if your program is responsible for monitoring user input, device I/O, threads, etc.  However, it’s not an optimal approach for most Gadgeteer programs.  The rest of this post will explore the Gadgeteer event dispatcher, execution model, and best practices for…


How to Build a Flipbook Maker: Part 1

 Build your own stop-motion animation tool using .NET Gadgeteer!  The Flipbook Maker combines Gadgeteer’s intuitive hardware and software construction with a useful enclosure to create a project that will appeal to your inner cartoonist. The end result looks like this: Read more about this project in the Gadgeteer Featured Projects library – including a video…


Thursday Featured Module: Buttons

This is the first in a new series of posts: Thursday Featured Modules.  Each week we’ll post about an interesting Gadgeteer module, including how to use it and where to find it. The Mighty Button  Today we’ll cover one of the most fundamental modules in many devices you already use today: the button.  It’s universally…