MDT2012: Populate MDT application bundle and its dependencies via PowerShell

Recently came across this need of pulling MDT Application bundles and apps in bundle, that is its dependencies. MDT 2012 lets you create a bundle of applications in which you can list multiple applications to be installed, together. Recently, I had a requirement to populate all of the bundles in MDT Share and its dependencies/applications which should be available whenever needed with current information.

I figured using MDT PowerShell module, can be pretty handy at this task. The only thing I’m using this module, is to utilize MDTProvider so that I can browse through entire share. I wrote this little script that takes few parameters and creates an output CSV file with bundles and apps of the bundle.

Here is how it is used:

-- Example:

    .\pupulateBundles.ps1 -mdtShare "\\Server1\Share1" -Server "Server1" -standardApps "\applications\Image Deployment\Standard Apps" -appBundles "\applications\Image Deployment\App Bundles"

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