How to add local group to AD LDS Readers role using PowerShell

Posting this snippet in case someone needs to add a local group to AD LDS readers role, using PowerShell/ADSI.


#Get the SID of a local group

$myGroup = New-Object security.principal.ntaccount("myGroup2")

$myGroupSid = $myGroup.Translate([security.principal.securityidentifier])


#connect to partition

$readersRole = [adsi]"LDAP://mdt:389/CN=Readers,CN=Roles,DC=myPartition"


#Add the group as member to Readers

$memberToAdd = "<SID=$myGroupSid>"





#connect to partition again, to confirm (or can use adsiedit.msc)

$readersRole = [adsi]"LDAP://mdt:389/CN=Readers,CN=Roles,DC=myPartition"




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