BizTalk Server 2006 – Enterprise Production Considerations – Part 2 – Host and Host Instances

I’ve seen one too many BizTalk groups with poorly configured Host/Host Instances.  So I’ve decided to create a BASIC post on the subject. This is a pretty sophisticated topic having to do with scaling, high availability, resource management etc. so please don’t assume that what I’m about to say is universally appropriate. I’ll give a…


BizTalk Server 2006 – Enterprise Production Considerations – Part 1 – Production Server Topology

Introduction: This post is the first in a series of posts that will describe a number of production considerations for Enterprise customers (“Enterprise” loosely defined as those with moderately complex BizTalk implementations) This is in response to a great deal of confusion that I have encountered in the field and hopefully I can kill about…


BizTalk gets "General Network Error" under heavy load

This is a fairly common scenario after Windows 2003 SP1 (or greater) is installed, so I thought I better put in my two cents Scenario: BizTalk seems to lose connectivity to the MsgBox (and all other databases on that SQL instance) Problem: The operating system (w2k3 sp1) running the SQL server instance is misinterpreting the heavy TCPIP…


Office 2007 Open Format

Office 2007 users want to see something cool?  Save out a word 2007 .docx format, rename the file to have a .zip extension, and then crack it open. How cool is that? You can read more here

Excessive Blocking when using BizTalk SQL Adapter

————————————- Addendum – June 22 2007: Under absolutely NO circumstances should you modify the data model of the BizTalk databases in any way.  You should only optimize your own application databases.————————————-  I have seen this issue in many places,  which still surprises me because there are a lot of blog entries about this.  For what it’s worth, here’s…