Event IDs 7076, 6482, 6398 in Appplication Log

Symptom Event Type: Error Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3 Event Category: (964) Event ID: 6398 Date: <DATE>Time: <TIME> PM User: N/A Computer: <SERVERNAME>Description: The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.ApplicationServerAdministrationServiceJob(ID GUID) threw an exception. More information is included below.Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt….


Configuration Wizard - Failed to Connect

When specifying the SQL server, Configuration Database name and account for SharePoint you may see the following error Failed to connect to the database server or the database name does not exist. Ensure the database server is a SQL server, and that you have appropriate permissions to access the database server. To Diagnose the problem,…


SharePoint - Sample Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This is a very basic sample of a service level agreement for SharePoint.  This would be more typical of providing an SLA to an internal department of an organization. Providing an SLA to an external party would probably include an additional set of items around penalties, charges, terms of use etc. SERVICE ITEM   SERVICE…


SharePoint - Governance (Part 1)

Call to action – What parts of governance for SharePoint do you want to hear about?  I’ll post new topics based on user requests. Just create requests by posting comments at the bottom of this blog. (request it again, even if others have already asked for it. Its kind of like voting and the most…


SharePoint 2007 - Incoming Email

There are many little “gotchas” with setting up incoming email for MOSS.  Just nit picky little things, normally they are all about email infrastructure, SMTP, etc. My advice below is to help you avoid taking your heart medication, it can be easy to set this up, but it can also be a hair pulling, eye…


BizTalk Server 2006 - Enterprise Production Considerations - Part 4 - BAM

  Obligatory Introduction BAM is such a good name for this technology for a few reasons. The first is that it reminds me of the kid Bambam on the Flinstones (You know, the baby with the club that had a thing for Pebbles). Very powerful and very cool.  Also because “BAM” is the sound my…


Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Training Material Roadmap

  Training Material Roadmap Author: Neil Thompson (neilth@microsoft.com)Site: Neil’s MSDN Blog pageDate: September 2007 Click here for the word document version of this document.   Abstract This document provides an extensive series of links to publicly available reference material for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 ® and Office SharePoint Server 2007®.  The intention of this document…


SharePoint Office Server 2007 - Overview WebCasts for Decision Makers

This posting is intented to complement the Training Roadmap for Office SharePoint Server 2007 with additional resources for non-technical staff members. This are excerpts from webcasts available at msevents.microsoft.com.   These are best for Technical Decision Makers, Business Decisions Makers and Architects…or developers and IT Pros who have to explain this stuff to BDMs,TDMs, or Architects…


SharePoint 2007 Training Material Roadmap

  This blog posting is a page designed to support basic feedback and management for the Training Material Roadmap that I created for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). (Oct 16 2007) – Training Document Now Released!Word Document Version – Click HereWebPage Version (Limited Formatting) – Click Here You…


BizTalk Server 2006 - Enterprise Production Considerations - Part 3 - Clustering

I have had this recurring conversation with customers and partners.  Clustering is not a simple concept, and neither is BizTalk.  If you put them together you seem to have a perfect storm.  There’s lots of confusion, which I hope to be able to dispel with this post. Also, I would like to have a link…