SQLServer “Denali” keynote at TechED 2011


On Monday, Quentin Clark ( GM of SQL Engineering) presented a foundational session at TechED which focused on the Microsoft Data Platform with SQL Server “Denali” and took a look into some of our latest data tools with “Juneau”.

Juneau is pretty exciting because you can install it as a stand alone component, through the integrated VS 2010 installation, through web via Web Platform Installer (WebPI )or with the next release of Visual Studio. The Web PI option is pretty exciting. This means you can get your hands on just our tools without having to install SQL Server or Visual Studio, which should be really popular with web developers.

The second key piece of news is the new lite version of the database which is the “Denali” Express version. Top things include the ability to install as a small shared component instead of a service, it can be bundled with an app, fully supports T-SQL and is all combined within a single file.

A pointer to the foundational session can be found here.


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