Windows Phone 7 sessions published on MIX10 site

Yesterday we published the final sessions which will be delivered at Mix10 in Las Vegas in a weeks time. These will provide lots of details about our Silverlight and XNA development platforms for Windows Phone 7.

You can check all these out at the live site here. The event is almost full. If you are interested to go, now is your chance. Its going to be amazing….


An Introduction to Developing Applications for Microsoft Silverlight

New to Silverlight? This is the session for you. This session will cover: how to get started building your first application, tooling, extensibility and deployment. We’ll also highlight the capabilities of Microsoft Silverlight on the PC, as well as support for Windows Phone.


Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series

Major changes are coming to Windows Phone! This session goes in-depth on the design and features of Windows Phone and gives a comprehensive picture of what’s coming in this exciting new release.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone


Windows Phone UI and Design Language

Windows Phone constitutes a dramatic new user experience paradigm. This session will provide prescriptive guidance, tips, and techniques on how designers & developers can build beautiful, compelling user experiences that are consistent with the built-in Windows Phone 7 Series experiences.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone


Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform

The new Windows Phone is coming! Get a high-level overview of the new application platform and a complete picture of the developer story. Learn about the developer tools, the application frameworks, the support for Silverlight, and the support for XNA.

Tags: Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone, XNA


Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web

The Mobile Web has been a long time in coming, and now that it’s here, it’s a force that you and your business can’t afford to ignore. What has made all of this possible is the combination of ever-more-powerful devices, fast network connections, and highly capable mobile browsers. In this session, you will learn how to build sites that work well and look great on Windows Phone and across mobile devices. We’ll cover the core mobile Web scenarios, preparing content for mobile, and tips and techniques for debugging and testing your sites.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone

Building a High Performance 3D Game for Windows Phone

This session will detail how to use XNA to develop 3D games for Windows Phone, with a special eye towards the special characteristics of Windows Phone application platform. Special attention will be placed on optimizing high-performance managed code games for the platform, to help you squeeze out every last drop of performance.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone, XNA


Building Windows Phone Games

With the release of Windows Phone, game developers will be able to create amazing content rapidly through the power of Silverlight and the XNA framework. This talk will outline the basic application model of Windows Phone, enumerate Windows Phone core device characteristics, and walk through highlights of Silverlight and XNA Frameworks on the phone.

Tags: Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone, XNA


Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone

Learn how to optimize your Silverlight code for Windows Phone. This session will discuss common bottlenecks using the graphics and managed stacks, and will highlight how to optimize startup and reaction time.

Tags: Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone

Distributing and Monetizing Windows Phone Applications and Games

Windows Phone Marketplace will revolutionize distribution of Windows Phone applications, games, and content, and is designed to solve the two largest problems of the Windows Phone consumer-focused developer community: distribution and monetization. This session will provide application developers with the insights, tools, and processes necessary to begin distributing and monetizing their applications on the Windows Phone platform.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone

Development and Debugging Tools for Building XNA Games for Windows Phone

This session covers tools available to the developer for building XNA games including debugging, emulation, and performance. Special emphasis is placed on best practices for managed code performance and .NET profiling tools you can use to optimize your games for windows phone.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone, XNA

Windows Phone Application Platform Architecture

Windows Phone 7 Series represents a significant change from the past. The entire stack, starting with the operating system, user experience, and the application platform have been engineered to build a new class of phone that users will just love. This session will go under the covers and describe how to think about applications and games from the perspective of user experience, security, packaging, cloud services and performance. Details on the new application model, device capabilities, location, sensors, and other platform capabilities will be covered.

Tags: Mobile, Windows Phone

Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight, Part 2

Together with part 1, these sessions give an overview of the functionality for Silverlight applications that is unique to the Windows Phone application platform. Part 2 will cover the new application model, updated control templates, themes, and services available to applications, including new Windows Phone web services.

Tags: Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone

Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight, Part 1

Together with part 2, these sessions give an overview of the functionality for Silverlight applications that is unique to the Windows Phone application platform. Part 1 will cover new input paradigms including multi-touch, software keyboard, accelerometer and microphone, as well as the APIs to leverage phone applications like email, phone dialer, contact list and more.

Tags: Mobile, Silverlight, Windows Phone

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