Achim Berg talks about the momentum for Windows Phone 7

Achim provided an update on Windows Phone 7 after its first full 6 weeks since launch. He discussed the developer momentum in the marketplace with over 18,000 developers registered and over 4,000 applications published. He also talked about initial phone sales and perceptions about the new phone. See all the details in the link below.…

Funny Animated Video on Web Sockets

Check our this very funny video on Web Socket support.   P.S. there is swearing if your are easily offended.


How can you wipe a Windows Phone 7 device through BPOS / Exchange

There are a number of questions coming from enterprise customers wanting to support Windows Phone 7, and are particularly interested in the security features to be able to wipe a device if is gets lost or stolen. Here is a great screencast on from the UK team which walks you through the process of…

Windows Phone 7 Application reporting available now

Today we announced that as a developer on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace you can get details about the number of people that have downloaded your applications. This information is available through the app hub, where there is a new “reports” tab. We also announced that we are bringing forward the time when developers will…

BING Windows Phone apps

With the launch of Windows Phone 7, the BING search engine team has provided a pictorial view of all the apps which are in the Marketplace. Now you can search/sort the 2,000 apps which are already in the marketplace on rate, highest rated, categories to find the app you want to install. Just go to…


Wanted – Cloud Evangelist Microsoft

At the PDC we showed the momentum that we are creating around with Cloud with Windows Azure. We are looking for a passionate individual to join our team who can help evangelize the Azure Cloud platform by ensuring that we help key customers and partners move to this new platform and supporting all the key…

PDC and Silverlight

Bob Muglia has provided some updates on his comments made at the PDC last week. Some people misinterpreted his comments to mean that we were abandoning SIlverlight. Clearly this is not correct. The full post can be read here.  

31 Days of Windows Phone 7 Developement

Jeffrey has been building a step by step series of tutorials which walks you through ever step for building your first Windows Phone Application. As it is the 31st of October today, he’s done. You can find all the details here. Hopefully you can beat Jeffrey and complete yours in 20 days. Day #1: Project…

Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint 2010

Paul in the team has created a great blog posted which shows you how you can build sharepoint applications which support Windows Phone 7. You can see the article here.