Can you believe its only 35 days to the next PDC?

image Nov 17th seemed to be a long way away…then... Now we are into October and in practically 5 weeks we will be off to the races!! There are lots of exciting things that I can’t talk about obviously, but there are a lot of things that I can start to share.

Firstly we just announced on Friday that the Scott Guthrie would be keynoting, along with our senior VP of Office and SharePoint, Kurt DelBene.

Secondly, we also published many new Windows sessions which will help this event, together with the Windows 7 bootcamp to become the place to learn how to build amazing applications for Windows 7. There are a number of sessions that we can’t announce prior to the PDC, and these will become available after the keynote announcements.

We have also finalized a lot of the work to bring together a large majority of Microsoft’s Technical Fellows and Distinguished Engineers for our “Technical Leaders” series which will bring together some interesting industry perspectives. There is also all the usual things that make the PDC “the PDC”. These are all here again.

The best thing to do to keep up-to-date with what is happening is to subscribe to the PDC RSS feed.

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