First Windows 7 Arcade Machine

For all the people that are compelled to get an arcade machine installed in their house, here is another option by using Windows 7 to power it.

Andrew Dugdell is best known for his technical talks, but in this interview on EDGE, he talks about another concept, “Windows 7 After Dark”. This is about all the stuff in Windows 7 that's fun for you at home.

In the interview Andrew shows a quick rundown of some of the things he is talking about. These include Media Center and touch screen integration, and even cooler, Andrew showed off the arcade unit he built on Windows 7 as a hobby project.
Andrew's next project is a cocktail style arcade unit, which means retiring this stand up unit, so we got to witness that, too.

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Details of how to build an arcade unit can be found at

Comments (2)

  1. jeffa says:

    OK, I understood everything except the last few seconds. WTF? Why did they destroy his machine? Did Lord Humungus send them?

  2. neilhut says:

    I guess they were not that interested in recycling!!!

    The reason for the destruction is that he wants to turn it into a table top version of an arcade machine. Maybe he is only allowed one toy in the living room at once 🙂

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