Free Windows 7 Boot Camp at the PDC

On the Monday (16th Nov) pre-conference day before the PDC, there is a free Windows 7 bootcamp being held at the PDC conference center. Key Windows 7 engineers, including Mark Russinovich, Landy Wang, and Arun Kishan will provide a deep dive into building applications for Windows 7.

The bootcamp will last around than eight hours and will include many low level areas including: (1) Kernel and architectural improvements, (2) new shell integration points: taskbar, libraries and search, and (3) applied tips for getting the most out of today’s hardware with the sensor & location platform, multitouch, and the new graphics libraries (Direct2D, DirectX 11) that take advantage of the GPU.

Whether you’re a C++, C# or Visual Basic developer, building a .NET or a Win32 application, we’ll give you actionable tips to get the most out of the Windows platform.

All you need to do is register. You can do this here. If you are not planning on attend the full conference this year, simply select "pre-conference workshop only" as your registration type and when you get to the workshop selection page of the registration form, you'll be able to pick the Windows 7 bootcamp as a free item.

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