The ID Element

Donovan and Vittorio have been putting together an Identity section on Channel9 called “The Id Element”. This will contain all kinds of information about Identity and Access Control such as weekly interviews with product team members, developer how-tos, news, aggregated resources and more.

It starts with an interview with Stuart Kwan, who is a Group Program Manager for Federated Identity, where he talks about a product called Microsoft “Geneva” Server and how this helps leverage Identity on the Windows Platform and other platforms.


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You can find all the videos which are already on the site at 


Services Symposium: Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications

Identity: Windows CardSpace "Geneva" Under the Hood

Identity: "Geneva" Deep Dive

Identity: "Geneva" Server and Framework Overview

Identity: Connecting Active Directory to Microsoft Services

.NET Services: Access Control Service Drilldown

Identity: Live Identity Services Drilldown

Identity Roadmap for Software + Services

Countdown to PDC2008: Parallel Computing and Getting Your Head in the Cloud

Vittorio Bertocci and Caleb Baker: Understanding the Complexities of Identity


They also put together a little intro to their show “Welcome to “The Id Element” Show” which you can also find.

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