IE8 RC1 is released – Deployment Guidance


Today we launched IE8 RC1. David in the team spoke to Jane Maliouta for EDGE, who is the program manager in charge of deployment and setup of IE8. She talked about what’s new in setup with RC1 and provides inside details on deployment with IE8.

David provided details of the interview, with the following summary

  • [2:21] Windows 7 upgrades to IE8
  • [3:21] Why we decide to not wrap in next version of IE with service packs
  • [4:46] IE6 to IE8 upgrade story
  • [6:14] Whiteboard session:
    • Nuts & bolts of how the IE8 setup works with the standalone exe and other deployment options (includes component based services - CBS)
    • Why they created the IE8 Blocker toolkit and when you might need to use it
  • [14:43] How slipstreaming works, why there is no IE8 slipstream install for Windows XP and what versions of windows will support the slipstream.
  • [15:55] Why IE8 needs a reboot and other browsers do not
  • [17:20] Tips and tricks for rolling out IE8
  • Comments (1)

    1. Esta build (7100. 0. winmain_ win7rc. 090421- 1700) foi compilada na passada Terça- Feira e ao que parece já começou a ser distribuída a parceiros OEM.

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