Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) REST Starter Kit

Ron Jacobs has been quietly building a really great REST based resource for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) called the WCF REST Starter Kit? The WCF REST Starter Kit simplifies development of REST services for WCF adding new features and guidance tightly integrated with ASP.NET and the current WCF release in .NET 3.5 SP1. 

These features include:

Caching - [WebCache] attribute provides fully integrated ASP.NET caching

Security - Implement common REST security scenarios beyond simple HTTP authentication

Forms post - Create services that accept inputs from simple HTTP forms

Content negotiation - Templates include built in support for XML / json content negotiation

X-http-method-override - Demonstrates how to tunnel PUT/DELETE over environments where these HTTP verbs are not allow by using the X-http-method-overridde

Error handling - WebException provides an exception model over the HTTP status code model

Automatic help page - Generates an ATOM service document describing your service

Conditional GET/PUT - Demonstrates how to implement conditional GET/PUT operations


Also includes Push style streaming, Type based dispatch and Semi-structured XML support

The starter kit also includes guidance in the form of templates to help users quickly create RESTful services

· REST Singleton

· REST Collection

· ATOM Feed

· ATOM Publishing Protocol


So where can you learn more :-

You can watch Ron's a video on (below ) or try out the  hands on lab.

Other great links

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