PDC Highlights @ TechED EMEA – Here We Come

The core of the evangelism team is traveling to TechED EMEA in Barcelona today to redeliver some of the key content from the PDC. Certainly around Microsoft Azure, Windows 7, Identity and VS2010 we aim to provide a lot of technical details through a number of general sessions and 3 panel discussions.

If you are attending TechED EMEA this week, here is the sessions to look out for.


PDC205 - Introduction to the Azure Services Platform

PDC01-IS - Cloud Services - The story behind the PDC keynote demos

PDC02-IS - Microsoft Services Q&A

PDC201 - A Lap Around Windows Azure

PDC202 - Live Platform: New Developer Services and APIs

PDC204 - SQL Server Data Services: Futures

PDC206 - Introducing Windows 7 - Part 1

PDC207 - Introducing Windows 7 - Part 2

PDC208 - .NET Services Drilldown - Part 1

PDC209 - .NET Services Drilldown - Part 2

PDC210 - Developing and Deploying Your First Cloud Service

PDC301 - Live Platform: Building Mesh Applications

PDC302 - Microsoft Identity Software and Services Roadmap

PDC305 - Overview of .NET Framework 4.0

PDC306 - Windows Server 2008 R2, Enabling Computing that Scales

PDC307 - Microsoft Visual Studio 10: Web Development Futures

PDC308 - Live Platform: Deep Dive on Microsoft Virtual Earth

PDC309 - Real life experiences : Building your first Services Application (Designing applications for Windows Azure)

PDC311 - HPC Server Development, the WCF Application Model


There is also a number of VS 2010 sessions which are being delivered as part of Developer Track.

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