Azure Services Training Kit – Now available


Today at the PDC we are making available the first preview release of the Azure Services Training Kit.  The Azure Services Training Kit will include hands-on labs, presentations, and samples to help you understand how to build applications that utilize the Azure Services Platform.  This PDC preview release of the training kit includes 11 hands-on labs that cover the broad set of services including Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services.   These are the same hands-on labs that have already been used by hundreds of customers at the PDC. 

You can download the Azure Services Training Kit from the Microsoft Download Center here.

Please note:   The Windows Azure hands-on labs can be used locally with the Windows Azure developer fabric that is included with the Windows Azure SDK.   However, the .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services labs require a registered service account which you can get from the site.  

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