Eclipse Tools for Silverlight

Busy day. A new open source project “Eclipse Tools for Silverlight” - has just been announced. Full details can be found here. .

This will bring the Silverlight RIA development experience to Eclipse developers and solve interoperability challenges between Silverlight and the Java middleware services that use REST, SOAP, JSON and other standards.

I am not sure that this would have happened without some really strong support from the Eclipse foundation ( )

Comments (4)

  1. There is now an Eclipse project, Eclipse4SL , to produce tools that work with Microsoft Silverlight .

  2. Will this new IDE based on Eclipse provide a full XAML support?

  3. neilhut says:

    If you follow the link above and go into the draft proposal you will see that XAML support is part of the proposition. Here are some basic details, but you will get the rest from the document :-


    This environment provides the all necessary tools to simplfy the RIA Web development on Microsoft Silverlight. It is composed of the following groups of tools:

    Silverlight project creation and resource management

    XAML visual editor with instant preview

    Controller class editors for most used programming languages such as C#, Java and JavaScript

    Build, run and debug


  4. yves yang says:

    We have developed a XAML product in Java : eFace ( eclipse4SL shares the same component with eFace XAML editor.

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