WPF Application Quality Guide

In light of the rapid adoption of the WPF and the continuous requests from partners and customers, yesterday the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) team release the third preliminary version of the “WPF Application Quality Guide”.

This third release prelim release contains the following

  • How to find the AutomationElement object by using UI Automation
  • Introduction to the WPF programming stack and software testing
  • High level overview of test methodology, planning, and strategies
  • Visual verification testing; media testing
  • Verification of animations and other transitions
  • performance best practices resources
  • security testing considerations
  • Tools for creating, debugging, and testing WPF applications
  • WPF data binding and debugging
  • WPF interoperability with Win32 and Windows Forms

This can be found here

http://windowsclient.net/wpf/white-papers/wpf-app-quality-guide.aspx )

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