IE 8 Beta 2 References

With the release of IE8 Beta2, I thought it might be interesting to pull together some useful tips for installing and configuring IE8 and tips for making your site support IE8. I will keep adding to this over time. But here is a first bash. Please add comments and I will update this.

How and where do I download IE8

To download IE8 on you machine go here. This will give you options for downloads in different WW locations and international language support. If you already have installed Beta 1, you should check the notes here on the gotcha's.

whats in IE8 Beta 2?

Firstly there is a good interview with James Pratt from the IE team on the EDGE site. There is also an excellent screen cast ( as ever ) from Matt Hester which you can find here which shows you all the features before you install this on the machine.

Making you web site support IE 8

There are some pretty easy tips which you can take to get your web site ready for IE 8. You can go here to find how this can be done with IIS6 and IIS7, but the principles are basically the same for Apache and other web servers.


I am sure I will add a lot more in the coming days.

Comments (3)

  1. John Ingres says:

    > making your site support IE8

    What about IE8 supporting our sites instead?

    IE has just about lost the browser war although there market share still has to acknowledge it (that is the ultimate ack and the only realistic one). FF3 is orders of magnitude faster than IE7 (and form beta testers IE8 too). I dare say that FF3 is indeed far ahead of IE from all practical viewpoints.

    And IE is to tied to the OS I am not anxious to upgrade…it might make my entire OS unstable.

  2. neilhut says:

    I can not believe that you were brave enough to install FF3 if you are concerned about something making the OS unstable.

    Good luck with your benchmarks, but untimately ease of use is what consumers what, hence you might want to look at IE8.

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