Intel Announce Dual Core Atom

The 45nm Intel Atom processor is a tiny sliver of siliconSurely two cores can not still make an atom, but Intel seem to think so. At their dev conference, Intel announced their Atom 330 chip, a dual-core version of the Atom Diamondville processor specifically designed for the  for low-cost "nettop" PC market that we have seen making a splash over the last few months ( machines in the 600$ range with huge battery life). There were no specifics on clock speed and power consumption ( really important in this space), but it is using the same 45nm technology and featuring a 533MHz frontside bus and is designed to work with Intel's 945GC chipset so this should stay pretty low. To show how quickly things are advancing, the chips second-level cache has been doubled from 512kb to 1mb.

I want one....

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