NBC Olympics on Silverlight 2

The Olympics start tomorrow and one of the things that DPE has been involved with that I am most proud of is the engagement we have driven with the product teams and NBC to provide http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/index.html on MSN, which is the official online home of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing for the USA.

This could be the largest online broadcasting event in history, and the experience will be the best in history too, with HD content and collaboration brought through Microsoft Silverlight 2 and the back end Silverlight streaming services.

And guess what, its not on Flash.


Awesome job guys.

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  1. some one says:

    But is it? I right mouse click and I see About Adobe Flash Player 9?!?!?!

    Humm, will it be SilverLight tomorrow?

  2. some one says:

    I disable Flash. Now the site says go get flash. Is this false advertisement. I want Silver Light.

  3. some one says:

    Why would they list Flash 9 as being the plug in. It looks to be the top one too?!?!

    If this was so Silver Light driven why does it look to be so buried except by MS?


    Maybe direct/deep link to the part of the site that uses Silver Light. Becasue it does not look to be 100% Silver Light.

  4. some one says:

    To view nbcolympics.com fully make sure you have Macromedia Flash Player version 7 or higher. Click here to download

  5. Dave says:

    Wait a tick. I thought Silverlight 2 was still in Beta. Have I been asleep. Does this mean Silverlight 2 has launched?

  6. some one says:

    Here you all go if you want to see an example of Silver Light 2.0 then don’t go to the Home Page that uses Flash.

    Go here for example:


    Or here for a list


    Microsoft this just p!$$ me off, why the games, "Ohh no Flash" BS. I hate being a fan boy when you pull this kinda crap. How is that I can go and fight for you all. Help me Help you.

    Remember the DOJ and why you where there honesty please.

  7. some one says:

    I just realized it took me 2 hours to find what you wanted to show but was missleading by sending me to


    instead of


    And giving a bit more instrustion on how to see Silver Light in action.

    I hope my post will help others in not spending two hours or thinking that what they are looking at is Silver Light when it is Flash.

    Thank you.

  8. neilhut says:

    Sorry if I upset people. Never my intention and I am typically never a competitive freek. This is really cool stuff and technology aside, this is an amazing experience.

    To be clear, I did not state that there was "No Flash", but maybe I should have been more clear in the statement.

    I have updated the link. Thanks (some one).

    I will go away now and watch the start of the greatest show on earth.

  9. some one says:

    This was not as much towards you but I have seen more times than not Microsoft Advertising as if the Olympic site is Silver Light. Then dumping people off at the home page with no Silver Light. Then have us hunt an peck to find something.

    After watching for an hour or so, I love what you all did it is a great implementation of streaming video from Silver Light. I like the PIP and the multi-view and the UI to place videos in box 1, 2, 3, or 4. The ability to know what is being played on my local channel and have that viewable (at first I did not know why they want my zip code). Great stuff and what a great event to choose and showcase what Silver Light technology can do.

    I know you did not say "No Flash", but with words like "And guess what, its not on Flash." It is semantics. When you state that what is one to believe what "it" means the site, the videos, the photo album,  the advertisement, and/or countries? Must not have meant  those because all of that is in Flash not Silver Light. Oh man why did Bill Clinton just come to mind hehe. The changes to the links and the clarity help. The title should not say NBC OLYMPICS ON SILVERLIGHT 2. See that seems like the whole sites is on SL 2 and a released version (as one person above pointed out). It should say BROADCASTING OF NBC OLYPICS ON SILVERLIGHT 2 (beta). It is just semantics but it helps to not look like games are being played and making 20% that is SL 2 look more than just that.

    – guy

  10. jackbond says:

    Do you realize how bad it makes you look to have Flash on the homepage, especially if someone already has Silverlight installed??? Someone ought to be fired. And wow, I just noticed the ad at the top of the Silverlight video page is in Flash. What in god’s name was somebody thinking??? And where’s the full screen mode? I’m a huge Silverlight fan, but this so called showcase is a joke.

  11. Frank Rizzo says:

    I just tried to watch the replay of the US vs. Norway womens soccer match and the video was unbearably choppy. Both my computer and my Internet connection are above average and do fine with other streaming video.

  12. SDF says:

    I am very disappointed with the quality of the video coming from the Olympics via silverlight. Are they not using a vc-1 codec profile for the encoding? Flash using h.264/avc is in my experience a much higher quality codec for streaming than what the vc-1 usage via a windows platform streams. vc-1 can look great, as good as h.264/avc, but the Olympics simply is as crappy as looking with silverlight as i would expect a real player at 150-300k would look like. Those "Neat" features? easily implemented in flash, not real mind blowing for the web…

    so whats the hype about again???


    Streaming Media Developer

  13. Farid says:

    For people who are interested in the graphics capabilities of Silverlight, last week I bought the book "Microsoft Silverlight Graphics" (authored by Oswald Campesato).  I’m really hoping that he’ll add more video streaming stuff, maybe in a second edition of his book.

  14. DTF says:

    From  redmondmag.com article on Silverlight and the Olympics… "With the enhanced video player, users can watch a full-screen HD image"…

    And above… "Where’s the full screen mode?"…

    You can’t display full-screen for the Olympics. A Silverlight rep on their own forum (silverlight.net/forums) says it was a decision, not a bug, that this doesn’t work… and recommends using Firefox3 as a workaround to even see a full-screen image. Imagine! A Microsoft rep referring customers to Firefox. 🙂

    Our workaround to view on our big screen plasma… click the tiny screen, and Enhance it. Center that screen, and display on the Vizio TV. Tell the TV to zoom the image… and poof, magic, full screen, no bars, no side ads… and no need to upgrade my Firefox from 2 to 3 before I’m ready.

    We’ve only been watching reruns, not live stream, but so far, the only problems we’ve had with choppiness is when we’re competing for bandwidth (DSL) with the middle-schooler playing internet games. 🙂

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