Building the Microsoft Data Center

When we are adding 10,000-20,000 servers to your data center every month, you need to have a pretty good architects and a plan for how you can reduce the carbon footprint. Secondly, have you ever heard about container-based data centers??? Read on.

Mike Manos on Data Centers

Adam has a cool interview with Mike Manos who has been busy on the conference circuit lately talking about green data centers, and he's been vocal about the recent move Microsoft made to container-based data centers.  In the Chicago facility, a truck drives up and drops off a 40' shipping container, preloaded with 2000 servers.  The container is plugged in to Ethernet, power, and cooling and is ready to power on and go.  Mike has a nice animated tour of the facility that he shows around the 10 minute mark.

This is cool.

Comments (2)

  1. Paul Bemis says:


         Are you doing any CFD modeling on these data centers and containers? The EPS report cites "up to 30% efficiency gains can be found by improving the air management within the data center" this was considered by the authors to be "low hanging fruit". Yet, I don’t see much mention of using CFD modeling as a mechanism for improving the management of air within a data center or container.

    Paul Bemis

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